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Lucy Pearl Jewelry is a professional manufacturer for the Pearls Jewelry with research and development design.

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Bypass Collection Akoya Pearl and Diamond RingBypass Collection Akoya Pearl and Diamond Ring


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    Tahitian Pearl

    Tahitian pearls are cultured from Pinctada margaritifera oysters, also known as the black lip oysters, found in French Polynesian waters.

    Black cultured pearls come in the widest range of colors: metallic silver, gray, blue, green, eggplant/red(ish) and jet black. The size range from 8mm to 20mm in rare cases.

  • Freshwater Pearl

    Freshwater pearl is one of the most popular on the market, partly due to fact that they come in a gorgeous range of shades: white, cream, pale yellow,peach, pink and purple. Freshwater pearl ranges in size from as small as 5mm to as large as 13mm

  • Akoya Cultured pearl

    Japanese akoya pearls are best known for their extremely high shine (luster) and rich color. Japanese akoya pearls are from 2mm to 10mm in diameter and their shape is typically round or off round. Color range includes: white, silver, pink and rose.

  • South Sea Pearl

    The majority of South Sea Pearls are cultured along the northwest coast of Australia, they are generally much larger than other pearl types which can be found in the range of 8mm to 20mm, with the average being 12mm. Found in colors ranging from optic white to honey gold, the pearls are prized by collectors and designers.